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Where to Learn Piano Online: The 7 Best Free Piano Learning Sites

Where to Learn Piano Online: The 7 Best Free Piano Learning Sites

The notes on this keyboard are grouped into6 groups of 12notes. Look at the graphic above – the group isrepeatedto the left and right several times. 鋼琴課程 a “C” note , which is located to theleft of two consecutive black keys. As with any online courses, Zebra Keys does not offer personalized feedback. Furthermore, it teaches from a digital keyboard and not an acoustic piano, so it will fall short in the musicality department.

Learn Piano

It even offers free live piano lessons on its social media channels. So if you find the Piano Lessons content helpful, and if your budget allows, it may be worth subscribing to the full Pianote service to continue your practice. Our online games make learning everything from music theory to rhythm more fun and engaging. When pianists play multiple notes one after another, all belonging to the same musical key, we call this a scale. The notes can be played in any order, ascending or descending, but the order and grouping and naming of the scale always stays the same for the key that we are in. Mastering and understanding the development and fingerings of scales is one of the keys to composition and improvising.

The best piano tips for beginners.

I have found pianonanny to be a much better learning tool than any of them. What a pleasure to find a site that really wants to help you. The lessons are explained very well, with the audio clips a great help. I have found a new pleasure in life and I am extremely grateful to you.

Start playing piano today.

So even if you already have some playing experience, you can still find something valuable here. The web-based app uses popular music to teach the skills needed to play the piano. You’ll reasonably quickly learn all about chords and reading music as this app is very much geared towards popular and not classical. Pianolessons.com – I have put this in here because they have a great free option for beginners.

Ear training

In the previous lessons, you heard metronome clicks – now you will hear the sound of a piano. Every keystroke on the piano corresponds to a “click” – the note you are hearing is the “F” above middle “C”. In later lessons you will get to know the concept of “key” – which, together with the concept of “time signature”, is essential for playing a piece. For the moment we want to remind you of all the tools you have learned so far.

You can use flowkey online or via the accompanying Android and iOS apps. It also provides an easy visual aid for translating the keys, and the time you have to press them, into transcribed music. Keeping your tablet or smartphone near your piano isn’t always practical, though. The site combines guided online tutorials with instructional YouTube videos from its teachers to get you started.

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