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Private investigator Wikipedia

Private investigator Wikipedia

A larger role for this new private investigative industry was to assist companies in labor disputes. Some early private investigators provided armed guards to act as a private militia. During the union unrest in the US in the late 19th century, industrialists would hire Pinkerton agents as undercover operatives to infiltrate and disrupt union activity or serve as armed guards for factories.

Department of Safety and Professional Services

Private detectives and investigators work in many places, depending on their assignment or case. Some spend more time in offices, researching cases on computers, while others spend more time in the field, conducting interviews and performing surveillance. The transportation industry was instrumental in developing the private security industry.

Because they lack police authority, their work must be done with the same authority as a private citizen. As a result, detectives and investigators must have a good understanding of federal, state, and local laws, such as privacy laws, and other legal issues affecting their work. Otherwise, evidence they collect may not be useable in court and they could face prosecution. Private detectives and investigators use a variety of tools when researching the facts in a case. Much of their work is done with a computer, allowing them to obtain information such as telephone numbers, details about social networks, descriptions of online activities, and records of a person’s prior arrests.

Furthermore, customers (i.e., the insured), to reduce premiums, have become increasingly concerned about preventing losses. The security function in many businesses includes loss prevention duties involving fire protection and safety. After the Civil War, loss prevention gained momentum as a way to reduce losses and premiums. Fire insurance companies formed the National Board of Fire Underwriters, which, through engineering, investigation, research, and education, was able to prevent losses.

Some corporate investigators have master’s degreesin business administration or law, but any training could help you in your career. Some corporate investigators hired by large companies may receive on-the-job training in business practices, management structure and various finance-related topics directly from their employers. Many private detectives spend considerable time researching and compiling data online. The internet, social media and various online databases can help solve and wrap up investigations, so an understanding of computer science can be one of the handiest and most-used tools in a private detective’s toolbox.


At the same time in southern West Virginia, the Baldwin-Felts Detective Service was assigned by management to uphold justice and disband union experts in the coal-mining towns. Big business and industries found criminal problems surpassing the jurisdictional and functional capabilities of the public police. With interests that often covered vast areas and multiple jurisdictions, businesses and commercial associations began to hire their own protective sources. Despite the growth and formalization of public policing, the private sector police model continued on an unabated and parallel path. Iowa makes a qualification for a license conditional on being at least 18 years of age. 6.The method of storage for transfer of the various captured media, machines, and technical components seized during event.


It was through his association with the railroad industry that Pinkerton met George B. McClellan, vice president and chief engineer of the Illinois Central Railroad and later commander in chief of the Union Army during the Civil War. With the outbreak of the Civil War, McClellan would take Pinkerton and his detectives along as the United States’ first military intelligence unit. As the industrial revolution matured, economic interests for both company and worker solidified. To be sure, workers, whether in coal mines or steel works, no longer saw themselves as mere rabble to enrich the elites. Grumblings and rumblings of worker dissatisfaction were commonly heard, particularly in the industrial cities and centers for major industries.

They may watch locations, such as a person’s home or office, often from a hidden position. Using cameras and binoculars, detectives gather information on people of interest. 私家偵探社 and investigators must properly collect and document evidence so that it may be used in a court of law. It is essential for anyone wishing to pursue a private detective license or certification to research and identify the different requirements and standards within their intended state of practice. By contemporary standards, western justice and law enforcement had less regard for procedural due process. Vigilantes, private individuals with no formal authority acting in self-interest or in the interests of a specific group, served as enforcers.

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